RX 5700 XT Driver Installation and Performance on Arch Linux

Hi I recently built a new computer with a RX 5700 XT and Ryzen 3700x. I am currently using Windows, but OpenGL games like CS GO and Runescape run terribly with these drivers. I read that AMD Graphics Drivers are better with Linux but have been hesitant to change because of a lack of knowledge on the installation of Drivers on Linux (is it similar to windows). I have also read that some users have had more crashes on Linux than Windows. I decided that if I was going to change I wanted to use Manjaro because of the large community and articles that I read saying that it was more stable than other Distros like Ubuntu. My questions are…

  • How do you install Drivers in General (e.x. MOB Drivers, etc.)?
  • What is the Gaming Experience on Manjaro, is it better or worse than Windows, and what games are unplayable?
  • Is the software the same(Ex. Adrenalin, Epic Games Store, Steam, Discord)?

I’m fairly new to the existence of Linux and appreciate any help that I can get! Thanks!

For AMD, you don’t, it’s built into the kernel.

Dependent on the game. For non-Linux games, check https://www.protondb.com/.

Games with no Linux anti cheat support, such as Rainbow Six Siege

No. It’s like asking if iOS and Android have all the same Software. Steam and Discord have Linux builds.

If you also need to look for alternative software, you can look:

You probably also want to go to /r/Linux_gaming subreddit.

As @realmain has already answered all of your questions, I can only add that before you switch to Manjaro (not Arch: that’s a different Linux and quite difficult for a first time user), you should read this:

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Thanks a lot and yes I do agree with the first post being the best response :+1. I will be switching either today or tomorrow!

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