RX 5700 not recognised after flashing it with bios for RX 5700 XT

Hi guys,
This topic is a duplicate of this one https : // forum . manjaro . org / t / rx5700-not-recognised-after-flashing-it-with-bios-for-rx5700xt / 145677 / 2
But since it was deleted I cannot find a solution.
I already had this issue, and successfully fix it with a solution from the mentioned topic.
There was some parameter in motherboard bios that should be changed.
I just update my MB bios, and all settings have been reset to default.
Currently, when I’m trying to boot into Manjaro, I get just a black screen.
Any help will be appreciated.

Do you mean this post? RX5700 not recognised after flashing it with BIOS for RX5700XT - Hardware - Manjaro Linux Forum

Thanks for fast reply.
Problem solved.

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