Russian translation of the installer has a problem with the time representation

Hi all. There is a small problem with the translation in the Russian installer 3.2.45-3 for Manjaro Linux 21.2pre1 “Qonos”, it shows ‘%’ but not seconds to job completion.

here’s the screenshot
imgur . com/a/2lcL24T

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@LordTermor looks fine to me on Transifex.

Maybe (%секунд(ы))

If English version works well, may be in translated version the chars/symbols of % or/and n has different char codes, and just looks the same visually only. May be the solution is to copy both %n chars from English version then.

@LordTermor here is the link to Transifex Log in · Transifex

@alven if I do that then the button Save Changes stays grey, so there are no changes.

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Yes, because as stated there I translated it 3 months ago. Maybe it should be approved somehow? I’m not too familiar with transifex.

UPD: Contacted Adriaan to get permissions for Transifex Russian translation.


I reviewed them, let’s hope this will be enough.


Yeah, review means somehow a sync to Git gets triggered.
I don’t know if it’s technically correct, but I know that from my experience as Transifex translator/reviewer n00b.


Fixed in git version.


But the timer now has 14+ seconds to await a module instead for 5 seconds as I saw it before a couple of months ago. Perhaps those 14+ seconds are debug-related value.

It counts up, not down here :joy: