Runs into issue after update

Today morning i tried to update my system using sudo pacman -syu due to some requirement

Before the update the plasma version was 5
After the update the plasma version became 6

However my system got crashed while updating and i have to force shut it.

After i turned my computer on, my themes were not loading showing some error message

The whole system is behaving in a weird manner right now.
However i can log into my system and access the terminal and my filesystem.

Please help me as recovering it is very very important for me.

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Its a problem with your theme.
Just change it to a theme that is known to work with plasma 6.

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See if you can get into a Plasma X11 session by running startx from the CLI. If successful, open System Settings & change your SDDM login theme to “Breeze”. You should also change your KDE Global Theme and other appearance settings to “Breeze”, as they will definitely work with Plasma 6.

Then log out of the Plasma X11 session & see if you can now log into a Plasma Wayland session.


thanks … solves it

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