Running Sciebo Client on Manjaro

Hello everyone,
I would like to set up the Sciebo* desktop client on my Manjaro computer. The team provides a guide how to set up the client on other distros including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. None of them use pacman like Manjaro does. But all the guides essentially just involve telling the package manager to “trust” the repository, then download it from a specified URL and install it. I figured this should be possible with Manjaro and pacman no problem, correct?

However, since I am still very inexperienced with Manjaro and linux in general, I wanted to ask all of you how this could be accomplished.

*Sciebo is a secure cloud service with Microsoft Office Online integration which is used by German universities. But since the browser interface is a little slow and unwieldy, I much prefer using the desktop client which integrates with the local file system and programs such as Libreoffice on the desktop.

Hey there fellow noob. According to the arch wiki you can add a repo to your mirror list but in this case the the site where you can download the sciebo-client package or add the repo is very specific for the distro.

To my knowledge it cant be done. You’ll probably have to recompile the source code or something like that.

Someone asked about this in the old forums as well:

It doesn’t work just like that. It depends on if they have a package that is compatible with Arch-based distros, or source to build the package. But it does no look like they have a compatible package for this distro.

You could try to convert the deb package, but it’s not recommended.

Per this comment

It looks like it’s simply an owncloud provider.
You should maybe try to use the owncloud client.
Or ask sciebo why you could not use it.
I saw screenshots in their site… it really looks like owncloud client rebranded. And they say it’s owncloud professional in the “project” page

Thank you.
Sorry for opening up this topic when the question was already answered elsewhere. I searched the forum for “sciebo” prior to making this thread, but I couldn’t find the topic you linked.
I installed the Owncloud client from the software manager and it connects to sciebo no problem.

Thank you for your solidarity. I only realized the URLs are distro-specific after I opened this thread. But it looks like the solution is much simpler than I expected. Just do it via Owncloud.

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