Running partitionmanager generates a library error

When I run partitionmanager is produces this error:

partitionmanager: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Am I correct that running the following command should fix the issue:

pamac install kpmcore partitionmanager

My machine was installed two years ago and it seems that Manjaro hasn’t been cleaning itself up in some cases… What else is out of date? Is there a clean-up process or script I should be running above and beyond pamac update -a?

I have the rather out of date package manjaro-firmware hanging around… hasn’t that been long super-ceded by other firmware packages?


I also have the unsupported package systemd-fsck-silent hanging about? Is it obsolete? Should I remove it?

Yes, you can safely remove this package.

I can’t find anything on this package, so you should remove it as well.

Yes, the file is provided by the kpmcore package.