Running Manjaro on Surface Go 3 useful?


I need a new tablet. It should have a pluggable keyboard.
If possible, it should not be an Android device.

I’m thinking about to buy a MS Surface Go3 and running Manjaro on it. But I’m not sure if this is really useful or more a permanent tinker site.
Are there any experiences with the Surface go devices?


This probe seems to be the hardware you describe: HW probe of Microsoft Surface Go 3 #e9c76dbca4 and it does not look like there are major issues with the hardware compatibility, if some functions are implemented that work with windows out of the box might be a issue (see the arch wiki on the pro 3)

I’m not familiar with the device and it’s variants but if it is similar to a surface pro then this page should give some info what you might run into and have to configure / fix: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - ArchWiki

If the goal is to run Linux well, buying from a vendor that explicitly supports Linux like a jingpad/pinetab would support the development of Linux supported tablets.


Jingpad is an interesting device, but since a longer time there is no one to buy.
Pinetab it’s the same problem. and this one is maybe a bit underpowered.