Running Celeste FNA on ARM

Hi there,

I’ve created an AUR package for patching Celeste (the FNA version) to get it running on Manjaro ARM without Box86, etc. I’ve done this a few times now for FNA games, and I always forget what the steps were to get things working, so I figured writing a PKGBUILD file would be a good way to keep that info somewhere! I’m posting it here to let people know, in case anyone else is looking for a way to run Celeste.

I’m not allowed to include links here, but you can find the package on AUR by searching for “celeste-arm”. The script is able to build on either armhf or aarch64, although for me at least, the armhf version isn’t working at present (only tested in a chroot though, so it might be the chroot that is the issue). On aarch64, I’ve tested it with my RockPro64 running Manjaro+KDE, and it is working fantastically for me.

Any feedback, fixes, etc. welcome! I’m thinking about trying to do something similar for some other similarly complex FNA games like Bastion as well…

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