Running an E-GPU on linux

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An E-GPU means external graphic processor unit. Its vocation is to connect in general to a laptop without a dedicated GPU to increase its computing power tenfold, whether in 3D modeling or in-game. With the democratization of the Thunderbolt protocol, became possible to connect this kind of device to any computer diposant of this connection. Seeing the prohibitive prices of E-GPU all done (exceeding 600 EUR) while the graphics card is not even included I set out to make a DIY. With the help of a dedicated electronic board (TH3P4G3) SFX power supply, fans, soldering, 3D printing and a GTX 1660 bought second hand, I was able to reproduce this device fully functional at least on Windows. My computer supposed to host the device is a Framework Laptop 13 with 4 thundebolt ports. By connecting the device the board is well detected. I was able with the Manjaro control panel to install nvidia drivers with the automatic installation function of propritetary drivers. The concern is that when I play a game, the performances suggest that the APU is used. Not the GTX 1660. Under windows I could manage this kind of parameter in the nvidia control panel. It also allowed me to eject the graphics processor cleanly. I have no idea how to generate this kind of parameter on windows.

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The same control panel exist with Manjaro

I was not a current. Is there a particular program to install or it is in the system settings ?

may you post the output of

inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width

make sure the egpu is connected

It is installed when you install the driver…


If not then install using

sudo pacman -S nvidia-settings

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The best place to start is the Arch Wiki: External GPU - ArchWiki

Without knowing exactly what software stack you’re using I can’t point you at the exact place to look, but it’s all fairly clear and well documented.