Run xfce and kde configuration (1st boot) using console

Hi all,
on my arm sbc, i usually use my serial console to have a look at the boot message, including uboot message and eventually to get uboot command prompt.
In arm manjaro, is serial console enabled by default ?
if not, how to enabe it ?
else, can we use it to also do all the preconfiguration of any freshly flashed manjaro xfce or kde ?
the reason is that all usb ports on my board are fried :dizzy_face: and i cannot rely on any usb connected HID device to interact w/ linux,
tks in advance. :pray:

After a few tests, console is indeed activated and ROM,uboot and kernel message do display on my remote computer connected over 3 wired usb to serial interface.
So the remaining question becomes:
How to manually proceed in the console instead of using usb hid devices with all the 1st boot config procedure ?

Maybe some script is holding all this, so where is it located ?

edit: I did some research and was able to find that root was used for running the post install scripts.
so, when on my hdmi screen i was able to see the 1st dialog concerning kbf layout choice,
I logged in from the console session as root, (without passwd) and i was granted by the same dialogs as on the gui !
I answered the same question the same way I should have done using the physical kbd and the gui, it ended and rebooted,
then kde did show up on the hdmi screen!
and , as I wired my ethernet cable, I was able to open an ssh session from another computer; in that session, I now have to install bluez ad bluez-utils, so that I can configure my BT kbd and BT mouse to use them in KDE…
now I need to configure

edit: all clear, i managed to boot into kde after it was configured (remotely) from the serial console session, I guess it would be similar to configure xfce from a console, so let’s consider the request solved.

Thanks for caring!

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