Run Script after unlocking ( light-locker & lightdm)

I use xflock4 via Keybinding to lock my screen (or after a timeout). I am using “vanilla” Manjaro meaning I haven’t changed things regarding to login/session-management/etc.

Now I’m quite curious how to run a script with a successful unlocking (e.g. I enter the password into the GUI prompt of lightdm and then when I’m on my desktop → something happens)

I’ve read a few things about “just adding” to .Xclient or .xinit or .bash_login ---- yeah but that didn’t quite had any effect.

Does anybody know some neat solution for that task? Thanks :smiley:

Why not set a startup application as a command so it executes when you login. I don’t think you can run a command on startup in the gnome tweaks but I think you can do it in other startup application software if you look in software center. I thought that the .xinit file executed on login but maybe not. You may want to try adding the command in the ~/.bash_profile file.

Sadly this (.bash_profile or .bash_login or even .xinit) only seems to work when I logout or (after a reboot) freshly login. BUT not when I “only unlock” from light-locker…something seems to be different here.

Maybe observing what “actually” happens while locking/unlocking would be part of the solution.
Is it possible to observe (e.g. from tty2) what happens at locking/unlocking tty7 (my current session) via light-locker? I’m quite confused by the shear mass of existing logfiles, there’s probably one with the goal of information.