Run Dokuwiki on Manjaro

I am trying to get Dokuwiki running on my Manjaro installation. My general understanding of php, servers so on is very limited.
What I did:
I installed Dokuwiki with the package manager and then followed an old forum
postdokuwiki zum laufen bringen
which sadly did not help. Then I followed the installation steps for DokuWiki on ArchLinux.
At this point I am lost because I have no clue where it is failing and how I could find out where it fails.

Did you follow this?

Yes exactly. I followed the steps under ‘Configuration’.

I followed the steps in the arch wiki and got dokuwiki running. But it looks like it can’t access all style.css files.

In the extension manager I see “Extension directory is not writable”. /var/lib/dokuwiki/plugins is owned by http:http and it’s permission settings id 755.