Run application with dedicated gpu context menu missing

I remember when I used to run Ubuntu that I could right-click an app and there would be an option to run the app with the dedicated graphics card. I don’t have that now, so I’m wondering, how do I get that option back in the context menu when I right-click on an app.

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AFAIK that option doesn’t exist in standard Gnome, so it must be an Ubuntu-specific thing.

  • However you can edit the existing .desktop file of any application (They’re in /usr/share/applications) and you can add prime-run before the actual command on the Exec=.(please note the space after prime-run )

  • Even better would be to copy the existing .desktop file to your… erm… Desktop and change that one so it doesn’t get overwritten by subsequent updates.

That way, that particular program gets executed on the dGPU every time you start it


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Thanks! You the real MVP!

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