Rtl8821ce driver crashes my system

The aforementioned driver crashes my system, i have been experiencing this on multiple distributions since linux 5.12, the version that added support for the specific variant of my wifi chip. Is there a way to fix this or report that the driver is still buggy?

You can try installing it again if that help:

  1. Get an internet connection by some other means (like ethernet).
  2. Install kernel headers for your kernel.
  3. Install rtl8821ce-dkms-git from AUR.
  4. Reboot. Wifi should now work.
sudo pacman -Syu dkms base-devel --needed
sudo pacman -S $(ls /boot | awk -F "-" '/^linux/ { print $1"-headers" }')
pamac build rtl8821ce-dkms-git

I meant to say the official driver for my wifi chip ( realtek RTL8821CE) is buggy. The custom driver used to work but has been crashing as well for a while now ( if it even still boots )

Internet does work via other means

Did you blacklist the kernel driver in favour of the driver from AUR?

I forgot to do so, now the AUR driver works, thanks! Now, i would still like to report the official realtek driver is sitll buggy, they should at least disable the driver on the wifi chip variants that cause it to crash

Github developer added information about blacklisting non-working driver in Dec 2020
Wi-Fi not working for kernel >= 5.9 | GitHub - tomaspinho/rtl8821ce

Bugzilla report about driver rtw88_8821ce was also opened at the same time
210779 – rtw88_8821ce does not seem to support all the versions of the hardware yet.

The issue was reported more than a year ago, would leaving a comment there be enough so kernel devs pays attention to the driver? It would be nice if it was fixed but at the very list it should be blacklisted on incompatible chip variants to prevent random crashes