Rsync and missing symbolic link

Having backed up “/” by “rsync -avHq” to an empty path on another disk. /usr/sbin must be a symbolic link to /usr/bin. But on the backup path it became a directory. Why?

Is the “other disk” with a filesystem that supports symbolic links, like ext4?
NTFS and FAT systems do not support symbolic links, so those would just convert the link to a folder.

Source and target are ext4. Other symlinks are created (I hope all). /usr/sbin seems to be an exception. It was created as empty directory instead of a symlink.

Either add -l (Little letter L), or you could try using my flags:


It turned out, that it wasn’ rsync, fortunately, but was a problem in the source path.

I have the suspicion: An installation script for an external device (printer, card reader …), that was made for another linux distribution, destroyed some symbolic links in the /usr path and changed them to empty (or almost empty) directories. I will analyze it.

It wasn’t a rsync failure. In the source path two symlinks had been destroyed and replaced by directories during an unnormal installation.

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