RPi4 Wayland/Weston

I played around with wayland / weston with the RPi4 on KDE Plasma today and seems to be pretty good.

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Looks good and I guess it the way forward.
I have Manjaro KDE 19.10 running on my Pi4 at present (boot via sdcard, rootfs on ssd).
Would like to maybe clone the ssd rootfs partition to another ssd and then experiment with Wayland/Weston setup.
Are you able to provide any basic instructions on how to update/change a running installation from Xorg/X11 to Wayland/Weston ?
I would love to help test this future system and maybe it can become another Pi 4 Manjaro flavour.

If you are relying on me for help on this I am a dummy. I am still trying to get my head wrapped around this. This is all new to me.

I am running the same setup as you. I backup my usb drive on my x64 with fsarchiver and do the same once a month with my manjaro install on my x64 once a month. It makes a nice small compressed image for restoring if I have too.

With KDE I believe all you have to do is install weston since all of the other stuff is there I think.

From what I can figure out is that weston has to be run in a terminal (which brings up a weston desktop) before you can run the es2gears_wayland. The es2gears_wayland program appears to be some type of frambuffer program; meaning no window and you can not move it around. There is a terminal in the weston window you can run it in and you can run it in a regular KDE terminal and am guessing the same with firefox. With out the weston desktop being opened es2gears_wayland will not run in a regular KDE terminal.

I did not do any weston config stuff as I was just testing. There does not seem to be much to get it going. I finally wound up with this guy:

From what I can gather there are certain programs written for weston but it will allow you to run X programs also. My head has started to spin trying to figure this out but getting to the point where maybe I do not need to know. lol

Thanks for the response and very useful information.
You appear to be some way ahead of what I knew about Wayland/Weston and I will read the article you have found.
I hope to try some of this out in the next few days, I am interested in how Firefox runs in this environment (and if it can play youtube videos etc ok).
I will report back on any progress, issues etc that come to light.

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