Can't configure my displays

Good morning!
Not too long ago, I was using Manjaro KDE Plasma.
But for some minor problems, after experimenting for a while, friends told me to change distros. I tried many others and found nothing better than Manjaro. However, with the latest updates, I found myself comfortable with Manjaro GNOME.
The problem I’m having now, is that I have no way to set Gamma, Brightness, etc.
On KDE, I had a Gamma and “xrandr” setup using the terminal.
But in Gnome, I didn’t find anything similar. When I tried to use xrandr, I noticed that my screens appear as “XWAYLAND0, XWAYLAND1 and XWAYLAND2”.
When I tried to correct the gamma, nothing happens. It tells me that the process was carried out successfully, but everything remains the same.
Can someone advise me on how to start? Is there something I don’t know? Is there any software for this?

You should switch to Xorg. Xrandr is not supported on Wayland.

Oh… I didnt know that. I always used kde, cinnamon or any “window friendly” version. Gonna check it. Thansk!

Ok, problem here. I was reading about it and checked the link u got me.
But gdm is installed, but not working i guess. Or maybe im an idiot. Whatever i try to use on the terminal, simply does nothing. Gonna search about it a little bit more.

Well, im an idiot, confirmed. Logged out and changed Gdm for x11 worked fine. Thanks.

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