Rpi4 Unreadable on a 4K tv

I have setup Manjaro on my new rpi4 on a TCL 50" TV with 4K. However, the fonts, icons and such are super small and I already wear glasses. Is there a way other than downsizing the display to have these viewable?


Which Desktop Environment are you using?

In KDE Plasma you can increase the Display Scaling as per your convenience, while you can also increase the height of the task bar.

In XFCE you might have to increase the font size and icon size manually. Maybe @darksky can advice more on xfce size increase.

Good Luck.

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I am using KDE Plasma. I will try the scaling, but was afraid to mess up my setup.

I definitely recommend manually tweaking the sizes of various UI elements in XFCE. I tried just setting everything to 2x (the only option available for scaling in XFCE) and wound up with what looked like a 640x480 display stretched across a 49" monitor. Not a great experience.

I posted a link elsewhere on the forum to a great guide for per-setting size adjustments in XFCE. Let me see if I can find it. EDIT: Got it! @NeoFax75, check out the links in this post: Advice for Best Experience on 49" 4K Monitor in 1080p?

I’m running HDMI Out to a 49" 1080p display about 15 feet or so away, and was ready to give up on the GUI entirely before I found this. I’m definitely getting too old to try to read tiny tiny text across the room.