Rounded screen corners KDE?

This is the very definition of a picky little ui preference question, but I really like to have rounded screen corners on my OS (like in elementary for example). I currently use Manjaro Gnome with the rounded corners extension, but really prefer the performance and design behind Plasma and am wondering if there is any way to get rounded screen corners through Kwin or something? Where might I even start? Or is this just a wish in vain?

A quick google let me find various things:

Window decoration:


Maybe one if these things can suit your need?

Thank you! Unfortunately, those all round the window corners and applets/panels, but not the screen corners! I have used a few of them in the past and they are great, just not what I’m after!


I’ll be honest that i had to hardly look to notice that Elementary OS has the Screen Corners round, but that is on my 1920x1080 dualscreen setup. Probably on different Screens that is more noticeable, even tho i doubt it, unless someone is looking at the corners while working.

So, i took the liberty to investigate this and see that indeed, on my end, Elementary OS renders a “round” corner with something that takes 3x3 pixels. This is how it looks in a screenshot and zoomed in:


You can emulate that by making the wallpaper with “round” corners where instead of color you put black. That in corelation with the UI rounded corners mentioned by @omano will give you the impression of a rounded corner Screen …

Is a vain feature. Nobody can focus two corners simultaneously, regardless that is a pice of paper or a screen, and regardless the size. Is how our vision works. We run our tasks on the main “canvas” not on the corners, nor the edges, hence the focus will be most of the times there, and very few times we navigate visually around the screen edges/corners. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the wallpaper idea! That in conjunction with Shapecorners worked liked a charm! Perfect!

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