Rounded corners for selected windows using picom

I am using Qtile window manager and I want my qtile bar to have rounded corners but not all other windows.
but picom only give option for excluding rounded corners (rounded-corners-exclude list),
I want to include some, and exclude most of the windows.
I got through a workaround:
by adding “! QTILE_INTERNAL:32c = 1”, on the rounded-corners-exclude list
but now if I want sublime text to have rounded corners, adding "! class_g =‘Subl’ " results in disabling rounded corners for every window, including Sublime itself and qtile bar aswell

I haven’t seen topics on qtile since a long time - if ever - on Manjaro.

I think you would get usuable comments if you used the qtile hacking channels.

The first rule excludes sublime and the second rule excludes qtile, so everything is excluded.

They need to be combined into a single rule which will exclude everything except qtile and sublime.

"! (QTILE_INTERNAL:32c = 1 || class_g = ‘Subl’)"

Thank you very much, it worked perfectly

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