Root PW help: locked out of PineBook Pro

WOW! Now I have an idea who’s here…
Anyway, thanks for the ‘welcome flag’; I’m still looking for help:

Complete Linux n00b. Bought a PineBook Pro (PBP) to learn the Linux ecosystem with the few hours I get free from saving the infected flooding our medical system, and see if it is possible to remove myself (w/o too much sacrifice) by dumping the increasingly invasive Apple and Google approaches to “your security” (you can figure out why, I might get this post ‘flagged’ too)…

Between initiating the setup get a real opportunity to work/learn/play with this, I inevitably got C-19 at work (an Anesthesiologist at a local hospital). I have since recovered and had today free to attend to setting up this device and the PinePhone I purchased.

Long story short (fewer words figure not to hurt the curious ‘faction’ taking offence to my previous inquiry):

I have either mis-typed or improperly recorded the root PW, as it’d been recommended I create a second account for user.
Currently the PBP is almost unusable thanks to the nearly 700 updates queued, that won’t let me update from the user account w/o the root PW.

Been thru every combination to the point of giving up… $200 has never given me such a headache, but I am patient to learn…

I would like suggestions as to the best choice of the following and the specific details of the steps to take to make one of these solutions work (this is a learning experience for me…)

To recount:

I have user access.
Forgot root PW due to the weeks recovering from Covid and the demands of my job.
I am happy to wipe the machine if necessary… it really hasn’t been used and certainly hasn’t been updated.
I am also happy to entertain other distro recs that may be better suited for the PBP in its development state as it is, but I do wish to clear this anomaly of having ‘lost’ the root access I thought I had set correctly.

Any help is much appreciated. Any one with a “concern” over my words here, feel free to DM and we can discuss it, but seriously… I expected more support/respect I hear the community is known for, let alone that of a new user and your first line healthcare workers during a pandemic. This virus, and all of its new “friends” popping up are not going away anytime soon, regardless of what the Pharmaceutical Companies are promising you. You are welcome for this ‘reality check’ from the “warriors” inside, because NO news channel will tell you this truth.
Stay safe my friends!
~ Giuliana


People interested in the Manjaro project, sharing knowledge related to Linux in general and particular to installation of Manjaro OS. Any other speculation or insinuation with some derogatory connotation might get you in trouble and will not be welcomed. :slight_smile:

One way to avoid any flags and issues could rise with that, or complains, is to start reading FAQ - Manjaro Linux Forum and then try to avoid any topic related to bashing X or Y, or give advice outside the Linux/Manjaro/FOSS projects; we are a support forum in the first place and for that “subject”, and as community we are keeping the friendship in that realm of topics.

As user on your machine, and i suppose admin, you can change the root password anytime from terminal:
sudo passwd root
it will ask for your password and then to enter twice the new root password.

You should keep an eye on the updates announcements for ARM

and for x86_64 systems here

and do not delay for very long time to install those updates.

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Hi Giuliana,

Sorry to hear your story.
I think it’s brave you bought a Pinebook Pro.
I hope you were able to reset the root password (as explained in the previous answer).

It might be a good idea to get a password manager on your phone with something else than just a password.

When you need help with installing a fresh image, just let us know.