Root Password not working possible fix and cause

After update I have lost root privilege with my password. Both sudo and su did not worked.
I used solution to remove all keyboard layouts from settings, from some reason Manjaro considered Password* not equal to Password* if any layout has been present.

After removing all layouts, log in to your sudo in terminal and change password for root and user but do not use any special characters, make new password only from letters of english alphabet.

Then add your US or other keyboard layout and return to terminal, your new clean alfanumeric password should still work and now you should be able to set working password with special characters for root and user.

For people new to linux:
Needed commands:

sudo passwd root
sudo passwd “your name”

Layouts are in system settings, under Hardware/input devices.

can you do this and paste the output?

[kearney@xx ~]$ whoami
[kearney@xx ~]$ sudo whoami
[sudo] kearney 的密码:

June 2021 - old weak hashes was deprecated - Arch Linux - News: Sorting out old password hashes

Generally passwords doesn’t change during update - I can really only see the above as a valid reason you would have to change password after an update.

And yes - your keyboard layout settings matters - but they don’t change either.

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