Roland UA-4FXII seems to not work

Recently I started using Manjaro as my main os, so I can be called a newbie I guess.

Back to the topic: I have a rather unusual sound recording setup, which consists of xlr microphone and Roland UA-4FXII “stream station”. And looks like it does not work. I tried to record in audacity, but input level shows no changes. Also, I checked in discord, and it was unable to catch any sound.

I tried to find possible solutions myself, but the only thing I found was a topic on linuxmusicians forum, which was not very useful for me.

All I want is to be able to use my microphone. I do not care about “effects”, that this card can apply.
Anything may be helpful, so please direct me to the right software, fix, article or anything that can help.
(OS: Manjaro minimal LTS with KDE)