RockPro64 won't boot

I’m unable to get Manjaro ARM 20.10 to boot on my RockPro64 :frowning:

There was a working installation of 20.06 on that SD card before it was reflashed (actually, I broke the software trying to get nextcloud to run from an external HDD).

I tried the downloadable images from the website first (KDE and xfce) and the shiny new manjaro ARM installer with lxqt and minimal builds.

During that I found an old SD card with an older installation that did boot - but it was from before the repo URL change, it wouldn’t update without me fiddling around with the URLs and the keys and so that card was used for the other attempts.

This is what is shown on the screen attached to the RockPro64: imgur /a/EMIoSTA

Does anyone have an idea why that could be? :cookie:

How did you flash the image exactly?

Does it just hang there?

Hi Strit and thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

This is how I flashed the downloadable images:
dd if=$file of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4096 ; sync

Yes, it hangs there. The screen hasn’t changed for about half an hour.

I hope to the Gods that you extracted the image first then. Because the images we have a compressed.

Can you try a reflash with either Etcher or Manjaro ARM Flasher?

Oh damn :speak_no_evil: I completely forgot that this time around!
That explains why the screen just stays black for the pre-built images.
The 4GB file called ‘moo’ should’ve given it away.
Sorry to waste your time on that.
Do you have a personal tip jar for your troubles?

xzcat $file | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4096 ; sync does boot.

I’ve gotten what i wanted - thanks :slight_smile:

Is it worth looking into why the cards prepared using manjaro-arm-installer just yield that output that is shown on the photo?
If you want, I can test more.

Chek out the donation options I mention in the release/stable announcement posts. :slight_smile:

I’ve used the installer to create installs for the PBP (which is almost the same as the RockPro64) a lot lately and it has always worked for me. When you install the manjaro-arm-installer remember to reboot before attempting. It requires some stuff to be loaded at boot, that is otherwise not.

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