Rockpro64 Mesa and Over clock info?

I can’t seem to find much into in regards to over clocking or installing mesa on rp64. Everything appears to be on Debian based distros. Is there any guides for aarch64 on manjaro?

I have not tried to overclock the RockPro64, nor do I know how to do it.

But installing mesa is quite easy. If your install does not have it yet, because you are running minimal or server edition, you can simply run sudo pacman -S mesa to install it.

If you already are running a Desktop Environment, then you already have mesa installed and in use.

Would you recommend any optimizations? I find that the board runs more sluggish than the rpi4. Even when loading HEVC jellyfish video I get slower frame rates on the rp64.

Well, mesa does not do anything regarding video performance. Only 3d performance. Which is pretty good on the RockPro64/Pinebook Pro with the Panfrost driver.

Low video performance, is because of the userspace applications.
The rk3399 SoC, which is used in the RockPro64, uses Hantro/Rkvdec as it’s VPU driver. These drivers are present in the kernel. But the userspace applications, like ffmpeg, firefox, mpv etc, does not support the API (v4l2-requests) yet. The reason for this, is that while the driver is in the kernel, it’s in the staging part of the kernel, which means it’s not been deemed stable enough. That’s why the userspace applications have not made an effort to support it yet.

I’m pretty sure, that once the driver gets out of staging, the userspace applications will quickly add the support and video will be pretty fluent on the RockPro64.
Right now, all video is software decoded.

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