Rockpro64 Dual monitor

has anyone been able to set up a dual monitor on the rockpro64? I have tried the convergence from pine64 docker and a usb-c to hdmi convertor and still Manjaro os does not recognize the second monitor. I cant seem to find any information on this other then this was possible to do on the wiki. Any help is welcome.

It “should” work, since we patch it into our kernel. But it’s a hacky patch.

What resolutions are the monitors?
The rk3399 (which is the SoC in the RockPro64) can only handle up to 4096x4096 total resolution canvas size.
And the current kernel does not support monitors above 1080p at all.

I’m running my monitors at 1920x1080 through HDMI. I’ve tried to lower the resolution as well and that did not seem to do anything either.

Do I need to manually configure the display or should it automatically detect it when its plugged in?

Is there a way we can access this hacky patch?

It’s a series of patches, about 4 or 5 and they are all present in our gitlab.

Thank you for the link. This is a start to my dilemma.