Rockchip 2023 u-boot fails with Manjaro uefi images

I can boot almost any uefi Linux OS with u-boot but Manjaro. Has anyone booted It with rockchip and u-boot?

Have you installed uboot-tools in Manjaro?

I ’ m talking of booting the efi and can not install nothing without a working Manjaro. Has uboot-tools relationship with uefi?

Give it a try.

uboot-tools is already installed.

Which image did you try ?

There are 3 types of images

  1. Device specific which have uboot pre-flashed.
  2. Generic Image mostly for manual booting in qemu or VM etc
  3. EFI image which have efi but no clear boot rules. I don’t think this image is fully tested.

Uboot should be able to detect efi on EFI based Manjaro Arm Image. but after that grub will appear and then no idea it will boot further or not.

I’ ve tried the one on the previous link.
Efi is detected but the kernel does not lunch. I have not seen a grub or uefi menu with uboot.

Maybe the dtb file is not matching the one in uboot or I think the dtb command is missing in grub config.

The dtb is included in u-boot and should be delivered to the kernel transparently. Debian doesn’t work either so may be the kernel because they normally use an old one.

I been thinking

  • could this be due to the FAT32 partition not being marked as EFI partition type within the image?

I have not checked - yet - but you can check and apply change as needed.

Place the card in a card reader and use cgdisk to load the partition table

sudo cgdisk /dev/sdy

The check the FAT32 paritition - you should have a description like EFI system partition - if you don’t not - selected partition using the downarrow and change the type to ef00 and write the change.

Then retry the boot.

Good advice, but the EFi partition is marked boot/esp and like I said before the efi is found and efi vars are generated.

I always try to use the same partition scheme, Fat efi boot + Ext 4 root. Fedora efi uses three partitions, Fat efi boot + ext4 kernel boot + ext4 root, with perfect compatibility.