Rock pi 4c doesn't boot Manjaro-ARM-xfce-rockpi4c-21.06.img.xz from eMMC 16Gb

I’ve downloaded image from:

wrote it via Rufus to eMMC 16Gb and it doesn’t boot normally.
Please take a look at the photos of TV screen with output:

https ://

https ://

please delete the “space” between https and :
idk why I can’t upload images or paste the links… maybe because of my 1st message here.

We recommend using Etcher to flash the images to the drives.

Rufus might be “re-creating” the partitions, so the PARTUUID gets changed.

So try flashing with Etcher.

I’ve also checked with balenaEthecr on win10 - the same issue.
there error of eMMC as far I understand:

mmc_select_hs400es failed error -110

Hm, seems it’s trying to use HS400, but I think the kernel/uboot only supports HS200 for rk3399 devices.

Is the eMMC an official one from Radxa or?

rock pi 4c and eMMC memory card are both from aliexpress…
hmm… are you thinking that this may be an issue?

https ://

Maybe. Can you try flashing the image to an SD card and test that, just so we know for sure if it’s eMMC related or not?

I will check it a bit later and will keep posted here

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but for example - all images from Armbian or official Radxa images - are booting from this eMMC without any issues.

The difference between Armbian and Manjaro is that Manjaro uses mainline uboot and kernel, where Armbian uses BSP stuff and/or customizes it a lot.

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also there strange partitions location on eMMC:

https ://

there are only 2 partitions:
ROOT_MNJRO - 4.6Gb and used almost all space - 96%
and unallocated 9.7Gb.

Those are normal, until you run through the First Run Setup.

sorry for late answer
it works from SD card 64Gb.

any advices how to run it from eMMC? maybe 16Gb not enough?

Should run fine on eMMC (I have done it before).

thank you… anyway - my first message says otherwise… it cant boot from eMMC.
what else can I try to check the issue?