Rock 3a rk3568 emmc speed

I’ve tried the latest Minimal and Plasma Desktop images for Rock 3a with kernel 6.0.7-2 on an 32GB emmc from Radxa, and running “hdparm -tT --direct /dev/mmcblk1p2” gives me speeds around 40MB/s (+/-1).
When I run the same test with the official Radxa Debian, I get around 118MB/s.

When I use a microSD card, I also get 40-50MB/s with Manjaro. With other systems I get above of 60MB/s, but that is kind of in the same range.

All images were flashed with manjaro-arm-flasher.
What could be the cause and is there something I should look for in logs?

The issue is the sdcard support.
From a quick guess I think those os using mainline kernel will get 40-60p range while those using bsp kernel might get more which is radxa debian.

This has to do with sdcard support on mainline uboot and kernel.
Hopefully with time it should be sorted out but no one can confirm any timeline.

Thank you.
I will try to read more about it and will write here, if I find anything or if the problem gets solved.