RK3399 HDMI output for resolutions different than 1080p

Hello, do you know if a similar patch exists for the amlogic s922X-j, I’m stuck at 1080p

@danboid , I’m happy it helped a bit :grin:

@Dams2000 , no idea for Amlogic SoCs. These patches are specific to Rockchip iirc

@Pak0st I think the rockpro64 has a pcie slot right? Have you tried using a nvme disk in it and have you been able to enable pcie gen2 speeds?

The kernel parameters to force PCIe gen 2 disk speed are supposedly libata.force=5.0G and gen1 libata.force=2.5G according to this thread:


I’ve tried booting using libata.force=5.0G but I still only get 200 MB/s so it makes me suspect your kernel may not have the required patch / module / feature enabled?

I get the impression Armbian has a pcie-gen2 patch for the rk3399 but I’ve not checked if this same patch is in Manjaro?

Sorry for hijacking your thread into Dan’s kernel requests but could you please add support for the rk3399 hardware video decoder rkvdec to your next kernel update, if you do another update please? It doesn’t seem to be enabled in your latest build.


@danboid , I have a few stuff to finish off for uni - not sure when I will make an update.

My latest iteration should be able to pull directly from Manjaro’s one. If the patch for rkvdec is on the Manjaro kernel, it should be straight forward to pull and generate a new build.
Any link to the request on Manjaro’s GitLab for rkvdec?

For PCIe - no idea. I’m using the aluminium case so space is too restricted to even try to use it with my RP64 (only using Kioxia NVMe on PBP for now and I don’t care as much for speeds there). It’s unlikely that I will be trying to expand Gen2 speeds unless it’s a change in the config files instead of patches.

Plan for the next week or so (depends on how much time I muck about with the courseworks) - replace LibreELEC’s patch-set with Sascha’s implementation.

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I’ve found the Armbian patch for adding pcie-gen2 support to rk3399. I’ll have to try adding it to your kernel.

No. We don’t have any such specific pkg.
If it not related to the OP topic then it is better to start a new thread as that makes it easier for new users to find the topic.



I’ll do that soon enough. It will also require a special build of ffmpeg and maybe gstreamer to get it working. It’ll probably be me doing that bit.

Let’s do that together?

I can built the ffmpeg from the needed source.
Cordinate with me on this during your free time.



Sounds good to me!

I’ll be having another go at getting pcie-gen2 working under Manjaro this weekend. Have you got a RK3399 board SpikerGuy?

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Yes which one are you working on ?
PCIE should work on rockpro64 and also it works on PBP on Manjaro.


RockPi 4c


I have it, Can do some testing together if needed.


@Pak0st Are we any closer to have improved RK3399 HDMI support in mainline?

@danboid , I have some stuff to deal with at work so I haven’t had time to work on it.

I should have Saturday open to work on Sascha’s PR and create a new package in the weekend.

What is Sascha’s PR for?

Your patches aren’t going to get merged into mainline as I understand it and I was wondering about the status of the ‘official’ RK3399 HDMI patches?

It would still be great to see an updated kernel package with your patches. It seems to be the only way I can get an up-to-date system with 4K output on my rockpi4c as is.

@danboid , whatever I’m doing won’t be merged for multiple reasons - mainly because I’m just packaging the patches in somewhat useable form for Manjaro.

Sascha is doing it proper in Patchwork: DRI devel - Patchwork (lots of new things since the last time I checked it out too!)

The RK356x VOP patch series are based on the RK3328/ RK3399 VOP patches to enable 1080p+ HDMI resolutions for those boards.
Ideally, RK356x VOP patch-set will be merged mainline enabling the functionality across the RK boards range.

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Thanks for the update! Please update this thread when it makes it into mainline please.

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Thank you for your work, Rock Pi 4C has been lying for a long time and there was no desire to use it, but tonight I decided to install Manjaro;
Will the patch work on the 5.18 kernel?