Right touchpad button doesn't work after fwupdate

I executed pinebook-pro-keyboard-updater (v0.0.3-2, v0.0.3-4) like discribed here:

sudo pbp-fwupdater step-1
sudo poweroff
sudo pbp-fwupdater step-2 ansi
sudo poweroff
sudo pbp-fwupdater flash-kb firmware/default_ansi.hex   //pulled files from github

Touchpad works better as before, BUT I have the issue that my rigth touchpad button doesn’t work anymore. I cannot open a contextmenu as example :confused:

I don’t find any hints or issue reports on that. I repeated the update two times with no change. Update runs without error messages.

How should I proceed?

:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

Why don’t you raise an issue with the developers of the updater, because they know much more what’s going on than we do…

As to why, please read this:

Especially the “Upstream/downstream” section…