Right Scroll Bar Doesn't Work

Hello, today I notice a problem regarding the right side scroll bars of all applications don’t work. If any application is maximized and if you would like to scroll down the pages with the side scroll bar, it does not work. This is very annoying when you are working on a pdf which has a lot of pages. I want to scroll down with the help of side scroll but it does not work. When you restore the application or the window, the side scroll bars work properly if the side scroll bar does not touch to the right side. If you move the app or window a little left from right side about 10mm, it works. I also notice that if you choose “always enable” option for the setting of “switch desktop on edge” from screen edges under workspace behaviour in settings, it works either maximize or restore mode of any app. For the moment the only solution seems enabling the switch desktop on edge but it’s also annoying when the desktop is switched out of your control.