Rider can not update dotnet core in path "/usr/share/dotnet/dotnet"

I have been working with dotnet core in manjaro, I have followed the official guide from Microsoft, they recommend you to install donet-sdk and runtime from snap store, but has some drawbacks with manjaro, like, dotnet tools doesn’t work properly.

So I uninstalled the snap version, And now I Followed the wikiarch to install dotnet from a script, everything its fine, even the dotnet tools like donet-ef works properly, but when I tried to create a new solution with Rider, but it says
"Rider can not update dotnet core in path ‘/usr/share/dotnet/dotnet’ "

Output of:
whereis dotnet
dotnet: /usr/bin/dotnet /usr/share/dotnet

And the ouput of:
which dotnet

what is the problem?, because when I try to create a new project or solution with de command line of dotnet, everything is fine.

That is correct - unless you run Rider as root/superuser (and you should really not do that) you cannot update system libs .

Use the package manager to update the system dotnet version whether that includes building from AUR or using the mainline repo verson.