RGB lights stay on but external mouse/keyboard do NOT work

I have a mouse and a keyboard connected through separate USB ports (no dongle/extensions).

The following behaviour happens randomly and very frequently recently:

  • RGB light on mouse stays ON, but the red optical sensor light at the bottom gets off and hence the mouse tracking as well as the buttons do NOT work.
  • RGB light on my keyboard stays on but no key/key combination gets registered. The caps lock key does not toggle the caps lock status (as verified using caps lock key light on laptop)

Please note that all this time laptop’s internal keyboard and touchpad work flawlessly.

This issue has gotten very frustating recently and I am not able to use the external peripherals. This issue has persisted for > 1 year now, but earlier it was less frequent and hence not bothersome.


As this a periodic issue - from your description - it is a hardware fault and the immediate thought is bad junctions. This can be for any number of reasons starting where the physical USB port is connected to the main/plugin board to the cable all the way to the device.

Either your physical USB ports is failing or the connection jacks on the keyboard/mouse side is not as stable as before.

I know - this is not what you want to hear - but it is not the a fault related to the OS.

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Please see:

Please post the output of lsusb. We can’t help unless we know what hardware you have.

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