[RFE] A search functionality for bookmarks etc

This is a “Request For Enhancement” or “Feature request” if you want.

Just like we have a “Search” input box when we click the categories etc. (on the posts listing of the homepage), it becomes very wanted to have the same functionality in the tabs of the “Pulldown” menu we get when we click our profile icon in top right.

This need gets stronger the more a forum user (like me) makes heavy use of the functionalities of the forum and wants to access things in the past.

  • Many bookmarks
  • Many topic alerts
  • many private messages

Yes i know there is a button at the bottom of the listing in those tabs, but that needs another browser tab.
It is easier (and faster) to be able to filter the results inside that tab listing while we have a topic open in screen.
That way we can easier (and faster) copy links to relevant posts/threads into the current post we are editing at that time.

If you’re serious about enhancing the site,

Search on https://discourse.org if a plugin is already available as that’s the platform our forum software is running on.

  • If yes:
    • Find the documentation for the plugin and help the mods help you
  • If not:
    • Look if there is an already open question on the same subject and revamp it (if needed)
    • Create a new question if there is no topic available there already as the devs are happy to improve their site.
    • Example where it took a lot of hands-on from my side to file the correct bugs myself upstream for the devs, but it got solved in the end

Ofcourse i’m serious, else i would not post these topics :wink:
But because the forum’s platform (software) is totally new to me, i post those topics and explain the need for them.
I don’t know what it takes for these topics in terms of changes to the forum, it could be as simple as changing some HTML and/or additional CSS rules and/or JavaScript or a configuration of the server…
Only those that have in-depth knowledge of the software know what is needed, the closest persons to me are the ones running the forum :wink:
That’s why i start asking here for the fastest solution when possible by the staff.
If it takes more efforts like you pointed out, then you and others point that out to me (no offense taken)

Most of the time i’m a person with ideas, a lot of times i can contribute to realizing those ideas with coding by myself, and sometimes i won’t be able to do that because of time called “Reality” :wink:

But the journey needs to start somewhere right?

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From the search (on the main page or the one from top banner) just append in:bookmarks to your search query
Or simply click on options


and then chose from where to perform the search from the dropdown


Thanks a lot !
Where is this in:bookmarks syntax / functionality documented? (Just out of curiosity)

This is what helped me some time ago to know about discourse search

This might also be helpful

The API is a bit different (if this is what you wanted to know)