Revert Green Theme


I’ve been on manjaro gnome for a long time, but since the installation I kept wondering why it was installed with the blue interface and not with the default one. I thought that after the updates it would return to the green color, but it seems not. Is it possible to switch to the green theme? I tried to look for the official theme through gradients but I didn’t find one. Thanks for support.

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Which GNOME ISO did you install from? The latest is manjaro-gnome-22.1.3-230529-linux61.iso, for example.

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I’m just remembering, but I installed manjaro a long time ago. Can I check through the console the first installation?

I only asked because I thought you had just installed it.

Install gnome-shell-extension-custom-accent-colors and choose the Maia accent color. Note that you’ll need to restart GNOME Shell / logout after installing the extension and after changing the accent color.

If you want the Maia accent color on the login / lock screen (GDM), install gnome-shell-maia.

Is work, but icons not green color.

Do you mean in Nautilus? How about if you choose Papirus-Maia icons assuming papirus-icon-theme and papirus-maia-icon-theme are installed

They are installed, everything looks green except for the buttons, all the buttons are blue.

I am not following. What buttons? Where?

The screenshot appears to be Layouts Switcher which is a Gtk 3 application. Set the theme to Adw-dark or Adw-gtk3 under Tweaks > Appearance > Legacy Applications.

It was set, but it stayed like that.

Have you logged out / logged in?

Yes, of course

Just to confirm, in the Custom Accent Colors extension settings, you set the Accent Color to Maia and enabled all three Extra Options?

I did everything suggested here and found the solution! Thanks.