Reverse Prime - Legion 5

Hi everyone,

I’m using hybrid graphics with my Legion 5 laptop, and using the video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-prime as my display controller. I noticed that HDMI ports where not working, probably because HDMI is connected directly to my discrete NVIDIA GPU, and not my integrated AMD GPU.

Acording to Arch Linux Wiki (sorry, I cannot post links), Reverse PRIME does not support AMDGPU + NVIDIA with latest graphic driver. An alternative it to set NVIDIA as the primary GPU (as said in the wiki), but in the example they are using Intel as the integrated card, and mine is AMD.

Could anyone guide me through this? Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for the quick response.

So I only need to install optimus-manager to get my HDMI working? In that case, can I install from the repos?
Sorry I’m not a pro at Manjaro.


optimus is not in repos, its in aur, and what desktop are you using? kde? gnome?

I’ve already succeeded, thanks.

Also, both optimus-manager and optimus-manager-plasma appears to be in the repos, so I assume that the README is out of date.

Thanks again to both of you.

ok, didnt know that optimus manager is back in the repos … ok so switch to nvidia and see if the hdmi work

Its working with no fuss, thanks.

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