Returning to the World of Manjaro

Dear All,

I have been using Manjaro for more than six years. I remember seeing the earlier website, then the second one ( I had a different username- walkingzen then. ) For the last two years, I was busy with my work laptops and systems. I could not use our Manjaro for more time, and I could not contribute to the community.

I received Pinephone Pro in December 2022, the first week (I shipped it to my friend September who was in France and got it to India). I have been playing with it now for some time. It came with Manjaro Plasma. As its login page was getting crashed, I installed Manjaro Phosh. Then went back to Plasma one as I liked it more due to its customizability, and in Phosh many times, the call is not working correctly. Both are looking good. However, as all of us know, there are some glitches with Plasma.

  1. Login screen crashes when we press unlock button. (Main issue)
  2. Power management has to go a long way.
  3. Audibility during phone calls.
    If these three things are fixed to some extent, I think this phone will be my primary phone. Probably support for esim would be an added advantage. I hope for early resolutions and more contributions from my side to the community.


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I agree. It’s the main things the pinephone is lacking these days. Although the first issue should be fixed with next release of plasma as far as I know.

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