RetroArch window has no border

So, I installed RetroArch 1.9.14 from the Official Repositories (community) + all optional dependencies.
When I start RetroArch it’s window shows up and everything works nicely (tried ozone & XMB menus) - except that the window has no border so I can’t move or resize it easily with the mouse.

Never had an issue like that under Ubuntu GNOME, so not sure what to do here? How can I restore/add the border?

Please send help.

Okay, since there’s been no reply in nearly a week, maybe someone can answer me a different question:
Is this known behaviour? Am I the only one that experiences this or does everyone? Is this Manjaro/GNOME exclusive?

I use Retroarch on Manjaro Cinnamon and it has a border.

It may just be a simple setting. Can you go into RetroArch/Settings/Video/Window Mode/
Then look for “Show Window Decorations” and if it is not set to on, turn it on.

Hopefully that is all that is needed.

Thank you for your suggestion, but window decorations are on by default - and toggling them did not restore the border.

I played around with the settings a bit and changing the video driver to xvideo/x11 actually brought up a bordered window! … which was unfortunately completely blank, requiring me to manually change back the configuration file :expressionless:
sdl2 also re-enables the border - but forces the rgui menu driver, which is not optimal.
No other video related settings that I tried seem to affect the border at all. Well, I guess I’ll try asking on the RetroArch Discord for help.

Oh well, worth a shot. Sorry, that was all I could think of to help. I rarely play around inside retroarch or even use it in window mode, I write scripts for each game that load the game up and close everything when you exit the game. If I need to tweak something while in the game I hit the hotkey to enter into it in full screen mode find the setting and go back to the game.

I find it great for organisation and especially for the children, who can see an icon click it and play the game. Same as what I have always done with say Dosbox or PCSX2 games as well. I find it easier than going into Retroarch and loading a core and a game from inside.

Thanks to a tip from the RetroArch Discord, I figured it out!
Apparently, there is some incompatibility between RetroArch and Wayland, the default window system for GNOME. Restarting with XORG/X11 fixed the issue!

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