Retain EOL package details on for 60 days

Prior to the recent 12-20-22 Stable Update,^dbus-x11 displayed eol for the dbus-x11 package.

It would be nice if this information was retained for some period of time (i., 60 days) to inform users and then removed. If eol is not the appropriate term, consider using a new term like unsupported.

As far as I know, the page simply parses the alpm database. So it can only show information of packages found in the database, as long as it’s found in one of the databases.

Effectively, what you’re requesting is already in play. Package changes go from:

  • Arch staging > testing > stable (if applicable)
  • Manjaro unstable > testing > stable

The issue with the transition from dbus-x11 to dbus on existing systems is already being addressed:

dbus would only be good for me if it was able to retain “Remember view settings for each folder” in Thunar upon opening Thunar as Root, dbus has the setting greyed out and defaults to icon view when my preferred view would be list view.

pkexec thunar / in terminal brings up Thunar in List View. Is there a way I can edit my Custom Action to get Thunar as Root to display in List View?

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