Resume from suspend-to-disk with LUKS swap partition

I recently installed Manjaro i3 using the graphical Manjaro installer, choosing to encrypt my system and swap through LUKS. However, when resuming from hibernation, after decrypting with my password, grub briefly responds with Device does not exist or access denied, followed by ERROR: resume: hibernation device <uuid> not found, and them seems to start as if starting from a complete shutdown.

I’ve already done sudo blkid, found the correct UUID and inserted that with resume=UUID=<uuid> into /etc/default/grub, as well as run sudo grub-mkconfig --output /boot/grub/grub.cfg.
I figure I am missing a step as Arch Wiki has a post about suspend-to-disk and encryption. Here they briefly mention initramfs and rd.luks, however it’s not very clear exactly what to do, and I am not exactly an Arch Expert.


From the Archwiki

For a stacked block device such as an encrypted container (LUKS), RAID or LVM, the resume parameter must point to the unlocked/mapped device that contains the file system with the swap file.

So, you have to define it not with UUID but the device, something like resume=/dev/mapper/volgroup0-swap. (Depending on if you are using LVM and of course the actual name of the mapped device.)

This article will help you: dm-crypt/Swap encryption - ArchWiki

I’m pretty sure this was how it was in the beginning, before I changed it to UUID in hopes of getting it to work. I’ve changed it back to resume=/dev/mapper/luks-3deb8504-9c2c-41e9-ad34-0da0211d02a4, still the same errors.

The article you linked to is the one that I was talking about in my original post (I can’t add links), and I feel that it is incredibly hard to follow the With suspend-to-disk support: Using a swap partition part. Can you perhaps elaborate on this?

Unfortunately, I’m not using an encrypted swap partition, so it’s hard to give instructions when I don’t know exactly what to do. Also, I don’t know how you set up your system.

By best advice, currently, would be to switch to a swapfile rather than a partition.

Thanks for starting a thread on this as I’m in the same boat having done a fresh install recently. I’ll post a solution if I find one.

If you want help with this, you’ll need to post actual information :wink:
A new thread re your issue would also be a good idea.

I agree with @mithrial , try using a swap file first. It is much simpler to setup.

This is not how you would specify an UUID.

Did you create the described mkinitcpio hooks yourself, or install the aur package?