Restoring PipeWire and Wireplumber settings to default

After updating I realized EasyEffects was not working as intended. The sound coming out was all distorted, pure noise basically. I manage to fix the issue by restoring to default pipewire and wireplumber settings with these commands:

mkdir -p ~/.config/wireplumber && cp /usr/share/wireplumber/*.conf ~/.config/wireplumber

mkdir -p ~/.config/pipewire && cp /usr/share/pipewire/*.conf ~/.config/pipewire

sudo mkdir -p /etc/wireplumber && sudo cp /usr/share/wireplumber/*.conf /etc/wireplumber

sudo mkdir -p /etc/pipewire && sudo cp /usr/share/pipewire/*.conf /etc/pipewire

The rest is working perfectly. Iā€™d like to thank the whole Manjaro team for making this distro as amazing as it is. I can work and play games on my system, couldnt ask for more. <3

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Copying them to both ~/.config/ and /etc/ makes no sense for a single user system. However, if you want different settings per user in ~/.config/ with global system settings in /etc/, that would be fine.

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Apologies for not being clear enough. Just like you said its worth using only two of those commands (account-wide or system-wide), I agree. I decided to share them all because I dont know all use cases and it may help someone. Hope it helps.

Archwiki - PipeWire - Configuration

The PipeWire package provides an initial set of configuration files in /usr/share/pipewire
You should not edit these files directly, as package updates will overwrite your changes

To configure PipeWire, you can copy files from /usr/share/pipewire to the alternate system-wide location /etc/pipewire, or to the user location ~/.config/pipewire. An equally named file in a directory with a higher precedence makes the analogous files ignored

If a user has not edited default configurations as per Archwiki
(/usr/share/pipewire/*.conf and /usr/share/wireplumber/*.conf)
They can delete any custom configuration folders

sudo rm -r /etc/pipewire /etc/wireplumber


rm -r ~/.config/pipewire ~/.config/wireplumber

and restart pipewire and wireplumber services to load default configurations

systemctl --user restart pipewire pipewire-pulse wireplumber

If a user intends to add any custom configurations after reset, keep the folders and delete contents only

rm ~/.config/pipewire/*.conf ~/.config/wireplumber/*.conf

If a user has edited default configuration files they can reinstall pipewire/wireplumber packages to restore default configurations before restarting pipewire and wireplumber services

PipeWire: Configuration
WirePlumber documentation - The configuration file

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Those directories and files in those directories belong to pipewire and wireplumber packages and you probably meant to mention /etc/pipewire and /etc/wireplumber?

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