Restore previous session

I would like to restore previous session automatically. Is it possible ?

Thanks :upside_down_face:


Hello, welcome to the forum!

Open the Settings Manager, got to “Session and Startup,” and check the box labeled “automatically save session on logout.”

i did it but it doesn’t work…i don’t know why.

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You have a similar checkbox with the Logoff button (Where you have Logout, Shutdown, reboot, …).

I remember they work somehow ‘together’.
But I can’t recall in which order precisely I had to tick them.

Thank you.
I don’t have this option on logout window :


When I log out, the session is saved but not on restart and shut down, what I would like.

Found !

On “Session and Startup,” uncheck “automatically save session on logout.” So, the option “save session for future logins” on the log out window appears.

Thanks all.

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