Restarting manjaro after installation

Hello , I want to switch to manjaro from windows 10, I once dual booted manjaro xfce with my Windows 10, and after the installation I was told to restart the computer, I plugged out the usb out and Alas! I was in grub rescue mode!

this could be because I unplugged the usb too soon or too late, now that wut I am conscious and worried about , AT WHAT POINT DO I UNPLUG THE BOOTABLE USB,???

cuz my hands start to shake and i dont wanna enter grub rescue mode again if I am clean installing manjaro

Shutdown instead of reboot, unplug, start. Problem solved.


But can I also like press escape to pause startup then plug out the usb and press escape or enter to boot again, will this be a good idea?

It depends at what point you pause and remove the USB. If you can’t figure out the proper timing, then do as I explained it doesn’t change anything besides you can’t mess the USB this way.

But will it still show the screen full of codes,which is showed during the restart,? I am asking cuz your solution is really helpful and I want to learn a thing or more before I really make the switch

I don’t know why you had issues on rebooting, my answer was about when/how to remove the USB. If you have issues with Manjaro installation then post an explicative message of the issue.

PS: please don’t change the Solution on multiple of my posts multiple times, because it sends me notifications every time.

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