Resolving "/etc/pam.d/kde" .pacnew: "system-local-login" vs "system-login"


I’m currently going over the .pacnew files.


Came across the /etc/pam.d/kde diff that suggests:

  1. a bunch of whitespace changes that are probably inconsequential
  2. plus a changes of “system-login” → “system-local-login”

Extra Info

Looking into /etc/pam.d/sddm I see it referencing system-login, but I don’t understand the significance of it.


How do I figure out which one I should be using?

Do I stick with “system-login”, or do I go with “system-local-login”.

Can the switch to “system-local-login” lock me off my system?

Use system-local-login. It’s meant for local sessions. Check /etc/pam.d/system-local-login and man pam.conf for details. Switching to system-local-login is unlikely to lock you out, but always backup your config and test changes in a live environment.


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