Resolving dependency conflict jre-openjdk <-> jre-openjdk-headless


I did not use my laptop for a while and my system is therefore a little bit outdated.
Unfortunately, the update does not run smoothly and I’m left with a dependency conflict between
jre-openjdk and jre-openjdk-headless
I cannot easily uninstall either of the packages:
jre-openjdk-headless is a requirement of jre-openjdk, and jre-openjdk ist required by various other packages.

Before I try to remove everything that needs jre-openjdk, is there any way to resolve the dependency conflict?

You could try uninstalling the other packages (reinstall later, if any are needed), then uninstall jre-openjdk, followed by jre-openjdk-headless.

sudo pacman -R {other packages} jre-openjdk jre-openjdk-headless
sudo pacman -Syu

Naturally, replace {other packages} with the actual names of the packages concerned.

Sure, but I would like to avoid the hassle… and a first look at the packages requiring jre-openjdk gave me the impression that I have many packages that like to see jre-openjdk (not a surprise, that’s a major java package…). So, if there is any way of gathering more information on the dependency conflict or resolving it, I would be thankful for any ideas etc.

Go and read Stable branch announcements from November. This was mentioned 100 times already with solution posted in every announcement since then.


Apologies, I was reminded of an urgent breakfast appointment.

The item that Zbe refers to can be found here:

Here is the original:

This part is relevant to you:

So, something like:

sudo pacman -S jre-openjdk


sudo pacman -Syu jre-openjdk

(or substitute for jre-openjdk-headless depending on which you wish to keep)

The resolution itself is fairly straightforward, however there may be additional unforeseen complications depending on your particular environment.


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Ah, my bad! I totally missed it in the release notes. Sorry! Next time I will rely on the search function, not on my eyes :-/

Thank you for your detailed answer, much appreciated!

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