Resizing root? Root needs a diet

I let it take all the disk, the drive is 1 TB. Root can give up some what is the best way to shrink it? The imstaller seemed a little gripey unless entire disk was picked.

Resizing a partition with data on it always carries the possibility of fragmentation/loss.
Since its a new system why not just reformat and reinstall?

No expert here, but my understanding is that it is far safer to resize a partition if it is unmounted, correct?

The challenge in resizing a root partition is that you need to access it from another linux session. I’d suggest booting via a live USB session, and a tool like GParted would be an easy/visual choice. And yes, backing up any critical data beforehand would be beyond wise.

ATT EXPERTS - If I’m all wet here, please set the record straight.

The question is, what are you going to do with the remainder of the space? You have to keep in mind that the way UNIX systems deal with storage devices is different to how it is done in the Microsoft universe.

Not really a reply to your question, but perhaps the following reading will help you see things in a different light. :arrow_down:

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Well it isnt really needed & if that might mess something up I will leave it Windows 10 is on a drive the same size, I can just make a downloads partition on that 1.

confuse about what you want.

  1. Clear cahe file(or else) to get more spare space for root
  2. Clear cahe file(or else) to make a new partition