Resizing menus in a Chromium-based browser

I have a small screen resolution (1366x768) and use the Vivaldi browser, but all of its menus - right-click, autofill, main menu, closed tabs - are gigantic compared to those I had on Windows. Are there any system settings or ways to modify sizes of menus in KDE Plasma in general?

(I can’t post images or links, but here are screenshots): imgur . com/a/QKsyXlu

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Only by setting a different font size for menus. This will then resize the menus accordingly.

However, this will not have any effect on Vivaldi, which is a gtk3-based browser ─ Plasma is qt-based ─ and in addition to that, like most browsers intended for multiple platforms ─ and especially so the proprietary ones ─ Vivaldi does not work well with system-wide configuration settings for its appearance anyway.

So the only way to really change its appearance is through its internal configuration/theming settings. :man_shrugging:

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While I haven’t found a solution to this, I’ve been having too many problems with Vivaldi (by extension, all Chromium-based browsers) on Linux, one being very sluggish, second being a Discord bug, so I decided to switch to Firefox. It has much more modding community behind it, and I managed to design it to my liking, while add-ons will replace some features I want that aren’t present.

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