Resized and reorganized some partitions, but received "resume: Hibernation device not found" error

Last night, I wanted to expand the root partition so that I could upgrade the system. I did resized and reorganized partitions with GParted Live USB drive, but I received this message when I rebooted the laptop.

I asked tech support people on Reddit how can I do, when they all told me that I need to edit the fstab file with live media. The problem is - how do I edit the system’s fstab to fix this, and what kind of live media do I have to use?

I didn’t understand the specificity.


You have to make sure the UUID matches. After you made those modifications most likely the UUID’s changed. From terminal you can see:
lsblk -fi
Then you edit the /etc/fstab as administrator, or since you are on KDE Plasma, opening it with Kate and change it, you will be prompted to provide the password to save it.

Then you have to make sure the resume=UUID=... with the proper UUID is also present in /etc/default/grub file in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line.

Once you changed the grub file, you run from terminal:
sudo update-grub

If you don’t want any resume thing, then remove that entry from grub file i mentioned and also remove re resume HOOK in the /etc/mkinitcpio.conf file and then also run:
sudo mkinitcpio -P
sudo update-grub


But how do I access the system’s fstab? Through live media (Manjaro KDE) I used for installing or something else like console?

Is a file with no extension
You open it with kate while you boot into your installed system.
kate /etc/fstab

But how do I do that? When ever I boot the system, it directly leads me to that error screen. Do I boot the live usb? I am personally confused.


Then from live media you chroot the installed system and you do those changes in that chrooted system.

The important part is to remove/change the resume=UUID in /etc/default/grub of the chrooted install and then update grub, then reboot into the installed system without live media.

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Solved! Thank you very much.

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Really glad you sort it out!

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