Resize of remote TigerVNC session doesn't work (RANDR extension not present)


I setup TigerVNC (x0vncserver) on a Manjaro Cinnamon VPS with open source drivers. When I start the VNC server it says “RANDR extension not present”, which seems to be mandatory for the “Resize remote session to the local window” feature of TigerVNC.

How to add this extension to XDesktop or how to get automatic remote session resize via VNC with Manjaro Cinnamon?

Last year another user had the same question, got no answer and the topic was closed [TigerVNC: RANDR extension not present].

Yes, I read both articles. Could you please point out where to find an answer to my question? I can’t find it.

Xrandr is installed, but that makes no difference. As far as I understand it’s only a configuration frontend for the not existing RANDR extension.

My experience with VNC is - which I admit is not that extensive - that you cannot dynamically change screen size.

You need to set the screen size in the configuration on the remote system.

I have played with VNC on raspberrypi and even with the licensed RealVNC you need to set the screen size for the screen served from the Pi.

So in my opinion the solution is to set the desired size as described in the TigerVNC article.

A proof of concept can be found in my previous writeup